The Many Uses of a Limousine Rentals and Recent Trends in Their Utilization

In recent years, the use of limousine services has been on the increase. This phenomenon is one that is worth studying. What are some of the most common reasons for this increase, especially in cities like Toronto where limousines are now becoming the second mode of private transportation right after taxis and uber.

First, let’s consider some of the most common uses of the limo. Probably the top reason for book a limousine rental in Toronto is for weddings. Many wedding planner now advises the use of larger limos to help carry all the passengers to and from the church. Brides and grooms also love the idea because they get to ride in luxury and comfort. A wedding is a special event and it holds memories for all those involved, not just the bride and groom. The pictures and memories of a wedding live long after the event has been complete.  Many sites that brides and grooms use now recommend larger limos for weddings in general.

car-interior2Therefore, more people are going all out and getting those expensive luxury limo rentals such as the party bus, the SUV stretch and the Hummer stretch. These vehicles are so large and grand that they can carry the entire wedding party together. Furthermore, everyone will be travelling in comfort. There is lots of space in these limos, especially in the wedding party buses to carry an enormous number of people. It can actually reach up to 50 passengers in some of the larger party buses. The use of coach buses has been adopted by a number of Toronto limo service companies in recent years. In any case, the choice for wedding transportation seems to be clearly favoring the limousines for now and for years to come.

The second most common event for using a limo in Toronto is the prom. Students who are graduation dream of this event for their whole academic career. They plan every party of it, the dress, the tuxedo, the shoes, the date and the limo. None of these should be forgotten. If any of them is missed, it could ruin the entire night. Therefore, most students start planning early and they get the best limos that they can afford. Mind you, because students tend to travel together the price does not end up being very high because they can all split it. Parent, in particular, are very happy about this because they do not have to spend a lot on the limo rental. They are also quite happy about the safety that using a chauffeur entails. Many Toronto limousine service companies now have special training for their drivers when it comes to proms. It means that their kids will be safe and they do not have worry about any of the kids’ friends drinking and driving. It is a win-win situation for both parents and kids, and it makes the choice for a prom limo service very easy to make.


Other uses that have been increasing in recent years are corporate events and functions as well as casino trips. In Toronto, a number of sites such as the Toronto sun have written about this topic. They mention that although these events tend to be smaller, they can also be very lively and fun. More people are making use of these luxury vehicles for their events for a reason and that reason is simple. People are seeking that which is better. And the truth is, you cannot blame them.